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How does it work?

Choose a week of readings you want to explore, and go through four stages:

  1. Read the chapter recommended once or twice.
  2. Reflect for a minute or so, finding a sentence or phrase that means something to you.
  3. Respond to the question - they’re not easy ones, they need some thought.
  4. Record your own thoughts about the question, either in writing in the book or in taking part in a discussion forum on line.

What if I don’t understand stuff?

There are a variety of helps in the book:

  • a starting section which gives a brief outline of the Bible
  • an introduction to each month’s topic
  • notes wherever there are difficult words, like “Christ”, also where longer explanations are needed, e.g. for Romans 3.
  • 4 sketch maps, archaeological drawings and a timeline for the prophets.
  • a variety of “Bonus Features” at the book such as how different Christians approach the Bible, how to use chapters and verses, film recommendations etc.


I was brought up in Rugby.  My father was a doctor and agnostic Jew.  My mother was a Quaker and politically active, particularly supporting African independence.  I was baptised at the age of 8, and was active in church throughout my teenage years.  I studied History at Merton College, Oxford and developed an adult Christian faith there.

There has never been a sustained and powerful renewal of Christian faith without a renewed engagement with the Bible. Andy Roland provides a practical introduction to a lifetime relationship with the word of God.

Rt Revd Richard Chartres

former Bishop of London